Message from the President

Please click the links below to find a copy of the President’s Report

To make accessing Executive Reports easier for all members, I will be adding them to the website as one pdf document for each meeting, under the President’s Report tab, beginning February 2018! Please see below.


March 2019 Exec Meeting Notes

January 2019 Exec Meeting Notes 

November 19th Exec Reports 1 – Agenda and Minutes and Reports

November 19th Exec Reports 2 – Reports

Agenda and Minutes October 16, 2018

Exec reports October 16, 2018

VP and President Report October 16, 2018

Sept 13 14 Exec Reports Agenda and Minutes

Sept 13 14 2018 Exec Reports


June 1, 2018 Executive Meeting Reports

May 8, 2018 AM Reports

April 26 2018 Exec meeting reports

March 22 2018 Executive Reports

February 1, 2018 Executive Reports


Presidents Report December 8, 2017

Presidents Report November 16 2017

President Report October 17, 2017


President’s Report June 9 2017

Presidents Report May 2, 2017

Presidents Report March 23, 2017

Presidents Report November 24, 2016

Presidents Report October 18 2016

Presidents Report September 22, 2016


Presidents Report June 10, 2016

Presidents Report May 10 2016

Presidents Report March 31, 2016

Presidents Report February 4, 2016

President Report December 11 2015

Presidents Report November 19 2015

Presidents Report General Meeting October 13, 2015

Presidents Report September 24, 2015


Presidents Report June 5 2015

President Report May 12, 2015

President Report April 30, 2015

President Report March 5 2015

Presidents Report January 28 2015

Presidents Report November 26 2014

Presidents Report October 14 2014

Presidents Report October 2014

Presidents Report Sept 2014


President Report June 6 2014

President’s Report May 13, 2014

President Report March 27, 2014

President Report February 19, 2014

President’s Report October 8, 2013

President’s Report and Retreat September 13, 2013

President’s Report Annual Meeting May 15, 2013

Take time to review and consider the following:

Complete your “Offence Declaration” on the Board website.

Check the ETFO provincial website ( often, for Collective Bargaining updates. This is proving to be a stressful time for teachers as rumours spread about what might be going to happen and how your working conditions might be affected. Your best, and most accurate source of information will be found on the ETFO website.

If you are in the process of advancing your QECO rating, ensure that you submit your documents to the Board in accordance with the timelines stated in the Collective Agreement.

A special reminder to retired teachers that effective September 1, 2012 the maximum teaching days per year will increase to 50.

With the beginning of a new year, I would like to remind you all that cell phones are not to be used for any reason during your instructional times. We have had to represent several members in previous years for allegations of using their phones for calls, texting and playing games. If you leave your phone in your car you will never have to deal with this type of allegation.

Yours in Federation,

Amy Chevis

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