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The Barrie Labour Council website has the links to all of the candidates and ridings!


The upcoming Provincial election has the potential of having a dramatic and negative impact on education and could have MAJOR consequences on your future careers as both OTs and permanent teachers!

Tim Hudak is proposing the loss of 19000 jobs in the education sector, 9000 of those being teachers in our province! This could ultimately result in years of recuperating and placing all redundant and surplus teachers into LTO positions!

We need you to GET OUT AND VOTE!!

I want to recognize the fact that the Liberal party did attack us with draconian legislation and WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN, however, in order to ensure we don’t see a disaster 10 times worse than the Harris years, we need to be strategic and vote to beat out the conservatives!  A Hudak government will hurt our schools, our communities and our province as a whole and we simply CANT LET THAT HAPPEN!!! What McGuinty did was disgusting and unprecedented and he did it secretly.  If Hudak is using the job cuts as his platform, what other disastrous ideas does he have in mind?

We want each member to make informed decisions and to understand what this election could do to their lives! There are many available options for reading up on candidates in your ridings and I encourage you to check out the websites and platforms on their own pages or by using the links available at ETFO.ca, Barrie Labour Council website and SCETF website! Again, we find ourselves having to stand together in solidarity!

In past elections, 50% of our provincial population did not vote! That being said, ridings that have been previously won by a very large number of votes, could easily be overthrown if Ontario speaks up and CHOOSES the government that will move us forward, not back!

As Occasional Teachers, we are the most vulnerable in the education sector as we don’t have contracts or the peace of mind of guaranteed work and we will be placed at the very back of the line when it comes to obtaining jobs!

We need you, your voice and your help in getting others out to vote and in getting the message out there that a Conservative government will be detrimental to Ontario residents!

Advanced polls began May 31st and Election Day is June 12th! Your voter cards should be in the mail by now and if you did not receive one, please check out http://www.wemakevotingeasy.ca/ for all of the information you need in regards to voting!



Canadian Labour Congress and the Together Fairness Works Campaign is out in full force!! Check out their website for more details and keep checking our Event page for current activities!



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