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School Visits 2018-2019

School visits for the 2018-2019 school year have been scheduled. As always, I will email all LTO members from a scheduled school a couple of days before the visit, provided I have your non-board email.

Should you wish to schedule a visit at your school, just call or email the office and we will schedule it at your earliest convenience.

Please note, the schedule is subject to change due to inclement weather or if other circumstances arise.  I thank you for your understanding!

SCEOT School Visits 2018-2019

Date                                                 School                 Break

Tuesday May 28                             Fieldcrest           1st 10:55-11:35

Wednesday May 29                      Angus Morrison 1st 10:40-11:20

                                                          Pine River           2nd 12:50-1:30

Thursday June 6                             Cookstown        1st 10:55-11:35

                                                          Fred C Cook       2nd 1:10-1:50

Friday June 7                                  Hewitt’s Creek   1st 10:50-11:30

                                                          Hyde Park           2nd 1:10-1:50

Thursday June 13                           WC Little             1st 10:10-10:50

                                                          Algonquin Ridge 2nd 1:10-1:50

Monday June 17                            Boyne River       1st 10:55-11:35

                                                          Lake Simcoe       2nd 1:15-1:55

Tuesday June 18                            Guthrie 1st 10:50-11:30

                                                          East Oro             2nd 1:00-1:50

Thursday June 20                          Goodfellow        2nd 1:20-2:00


The 2018 General Meeting is Tuesday October 16th, 2018 at 5pm at our office in the Simcoe Administration Centre Building at 1110 Hwy 26, Midhurst, ON.  Please register on this website, via email or by calling the office. The jackpot draw will be for $500.00!!! You must be in attendance in order to win!

The 2019 Annual Meeting is Tuesday May 7, 2019 at 5:00pm at our office *WHICH IS TO BE DETERMINED AT THIS TIME! Please register on this website, via email or by calling the office.

Annual and General Meetings 2018-2019

You can also sign up using this form and include your intent to attend the annual meeting so we can ensure there is enough dinner for everyone 🙂

Prizes and draws will be happening too!! Have a chance to win $500 at our October Meeting! This ‘jackpot’ started at $100 at the October, 2014 General Meeting, however the members name who was drawn at each subsequent meeting was not present, which is the criteria for winning.  All SCEOT members names are entered into the draw and will be again at every annual and general meeting, however you MUST be in attendance to receive it!! If the member drawn is not in attendance, we will add an additional $50 to the ‘jackpot’ for the draw general membership meeting, to a maximum of $500! See you there!

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