Reporting Injuries

Reporting Injuries


If you are injured in the workplace and experience lost time or seek health care or treatment the details need to be recorded by completing a Report of Workplace Injury/Illness (Form A4002-1).

The completed form shall be submitted immediately to your supervisor and HR services – Health and Wellness Department as directed on the form, in order for the injury to be reported to WSIB within 3 business days as required under WSIA legislation.


Report of Workplace Injury/Illness form is now available for completion and submission on the staff website by going to:

Board > Departments > Human Resources > Health & Wellness > A4002 – Report of Workplace Injury/Illness

or, click here FORM A4002 – 1 Report of Workplace Injury – Illness

Please ensure that you complete all applicable areas of the form to avoid any delay.


The School Board is committed to ensuring an early and safe return to work in accordance with WSIA legislation (Section V.40.1) The School Board in most situations is able to provide employees modified work.


The worker is obligated under the WSIA legislation (Section V.40.2) to co-operate in his or her early and safe return to work by keeping in contact and assisting the employer in the return to work process.


Submission of medical documentation, Functional Abilities Form or Health Professional’s Report (Form 8) will assist in fulfilling all obligations in a safe return to work.


For more information, please refer to Memorandum A4007: Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) Claims

Procedures for a claim through WSIB, are outlined here PROCEDURE OF WSIB


Remember that if you are hurt while executing your teaching duties you must also fill out a WSIB Form 7 (available at ), which is available from the school office.


When completed, return it to the school where the injury occurred or the Board within 72 hours of the incident. Make sure to keep a copy for yourself and send a copy to Federation as well please.

Contact Amy Chevis or Robyn Ewert at the office (705) 725 0316 or via email or

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