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Important Documents


If allegations or an investigation are a topic of concern with you… please state

“I am willing to co-operate BUT I am unable to comment until I have contacted Federation and Legal Counsel.”

Do not say or write anything, even if the Principal states that it is part of Board Policy.

Allegations Involving CAS and or Police – What to do if it happens to you



ALL SCEOT members must be aware of the policies and advisories that have been published in regards to educators, teaching and the use of social media in the Board and our province.  Due to the vast number of documents, I have compiled them for you for easy viewing.  In addition to these documents, I have recently reviewed APM 1350: Information and Computing Technology and Internet Appropriate Use Guidelines for Employees, which can be found on the Board Staff Website and I strongly recommend that you review it as well.

Please see the following:

Cybertips for teachers

Defamatory Websites and Social Networking Pages

Electronic Communication and Social Media

Electronic Communications

Practicing Caution – Guidelines for Electronic Communications

Professional Advisory Social Media OCT

The Hidden Dangers Of Electronic Communications

Videotaping in the Classroom – Advice to Members

 Please read through all of these documents and be aware of professional advisories and Board policies. If you have difficulties reading any of the PRS bulletins, click here to find them on etfo.ca


Moving/Change of Address/Bulletins

If you have moved since you first registered with our Board, please insure that you inform the following of your new address:

1. Simcoe County Occasional Teachers – email sceotnews@gmail.com with any changes of address or email 🙂

2. The Simcoe County District School Board at: 728.7570 -Payroll & Employee Services or

Go to the Board website (scdsb.on.ca) > SCDSB staff and password > Board > Human Resources > click on Forms > Address Change

3. E.T.F.O. Provincial office at: 1.888.838.3836, online, and/or write:

Membership Records (James Points, Manager)
136 Isabella Street
Toronto. ON
M4Y 0B5

4. The Ontario Teachers’ Pension Board at 1.800.668.0105

5. The Ontario College of Teachers at 1.888.534.2222

It is especially important that you inform the Provincial E.T.F.O. office of your current address so that when bulletins and robocalls are sent out, you receive the latest information.



The Board website has tons of great information for OTs, teaching and education in general! Be sure to check it out as they have just redesigned a lot of it as well!

To access the OT Handbook: Go to the Board website (scdsb.on.ca) > SCDSB Staff and password > Board > Human Resources > Quick Links


Yours in Federation,


Amy Chevis,


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