Medical Information Requests/Sick Leave Utilization

Requests for Medical Information

So you have been asked to provide medical information to the Board…

Your health and medical circumstances are your personal information. Your doctor is often privy to very personal details about you, your work, your spouse, your children, or your family history. Your doctor may be aware of a range of medical conditions you have, much of which has nothing to do with your work or your ability to teach. When you are asked by your employer to provide medical information, stop to consider what is being asked and why. While you may be obliged to provide some information and you may choose to provide other information, do not inadvertently open the door to exposing more of your personal medical and other information to your employer than is necessary.

What should I do if I am asked to provide medical?

a) Contact the SCEOT Office at 705-725-0316 or by email at  with any concerns about any request for medical information. A SCEOT Officer will be able to clarify whether the request raises concerns from a collective agreement or other perspective. They can assist you in thinking of how to approach your doctor and how to respond to the school board.

b) Keep a copy for your records of all correspondence with the Board and all medical/doctor’s notes provided to the Board.

For more information, see the ETFO PRS Matters Bulletin – Requests for Medical Information:

Sick Leave Utilization

Since the middle of February 2014, the SCDSB Board has been issuing a form letter to any employee who has utilized 9 or more sick leave days during 2017-2018 school year without providing a doctor’s note.

If you have received/do receive a similar letter, please contact the SCEOT Office at 705-725-0316 or by email at  A SCEOT Officer will provide information to assist you in understanding and responding to this letter.

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